Investigation & Verification of Insurance claims

Cell:       083 278 3505

Cell:      082 578 6525 / 082880 9577

SCIVS Company Structure

The Company is based in Gauteng and the principal is Daniel van Coller (retired Captain Detective Service SAPS plus 6 years insurance investigation experience with Mutual & Federal as an external service provider).

The second member of the Team is Wessie van der Westhuizen (retired Lieutenant Colonel Detective Service SAPS – 14 years – and 19 years with the Specialist Investigation Unit (SIU) at Mutual and Federal Insurance as Specialist Investigator, Manager SIU and Head of SIU).

Our investigators are skilled and experienced in the investigation of complex claims (like fire and liability claims), syndicated fraudulent claims and have vast knowledge of insurance principles and the interpretation of policy wordings.

We offer the Verification (merit verification) and Assessment (quantification) of the claim in  one process (also referred to as the End-to-End Assessing).

All Verification and Assessment reports will be scrutinized and monitored before being forwarded electronically to the respective Claims handlers/departments to ensure acceptable standard and quality of verification as per the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Company Service Coverage