Investigation & Verification of Insurance claims

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Building Assessments and Audits - South Cape Insurance Verification Services

We provide building assessments in cases where buildings suffered storm/ fire or any other

type of damages. The resource can also conduct “close file audits” to determine if the work was done and if service provider invoiced correctly.

Standard Operating Procedures

As the Service Provider, we undertake to be available outside working-hours, in emergency situations, and week-ends to meet claimants’ needs.

As our normal practice, we will, upon receipt of Insurer’s instructions, immediately make contact with the claimant or the claimant’s intermediary to arrange an appointment.

In the event that the claimant or intermediary is not available immediately, the details of all failed attempts to contact the claimant or claimant’s intermediary will be accurately communicated to Insurers.

After an appointment insurer will be provided with a written estimate or any possibility of the change of the estimate.

In the interest of service, preliminary reports will be submitted within [3 / 5] days from date of first appointment accompanied by digital photographs, unless otherwise stipulated by Insurers, or the urgency of the claim.

On claims where further investigation is required, regular progress reports will be forwarded to Insurers.

We undertake to act professionally and do not act or fail to act in anyway, that brings the name or reputation of the Insurer into disrepute.

We familiarize ourselves with Insurers Claims Policy Philosophy and all relevant policy wording.

Reports and Service expectations

 We provide high quality claims adjustment and assessing service that is professional and cost- effective.

We also offer a reporting on a Fast Track basis, this at Insurers request.

We have contingency plans in place to be deployed to disaster areas at short notice. We ensure the validation of the claim in terms of the cover provided by the policy. We ensure that only Insurers approved list of Service Providers are utilized.

Where no list of Service Providers is available we generally utilize other approved Insurance Service Providers where possible.

On building related assessments, we insurer that standard building regulations have been adhered to, we include a full description of all materials, labour, dimensions, quantities, rates, in respect of how the work will be completed and photographs.

We ensure that the service provider adheres to Standard Building and Safety Regulations when and where applicable.

We ensure that quotations are calculated at Insurance rates and where not available at market related rates.

We conduct comprehensive assessment, VAR and collect all relevant information and supporting documentation for the relevant claim, such as quotations, inventories, invoices, engineering reports, fire department or fire forensic reports, financial documentation, SAPS documentation, audit reports etc.

Damage reports are obtained to confirm and verify the cause of the damage – Lighting verification, alarm activation (event log) weather reports etc.

Quotations obtained on like for like basis i.e. Repair/replacement is for the same item and description and the lowest quote utilized as the basis of settlement.

If the item is discontinued, this will be noted in our report and comparative quotes obtained on the closest available make and model that is similar to what the insured had.

Provide specific detail of the quantum including the claim settlement amount that is allowed per section and per item and the excess payments applicable.

We utilize an electronic computerized administration system and utilize communication mediums i.e. telephone, cellular, fax and e-mail.

All reports complied on a “without prejudice” basis.