Investigation & Verification of Insurance claims

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Tracing of Third Party individuals (recovery of losses) - South Cape Insurance Verification Services

Our company is involved in the tracing of TP’s in order to recover losses occurred by our clients regarding vehicle accidents or other incidents. We confirm the following:


  • Ownership of the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • Drivers detail at the time of the accident
  • Driver of third party vehicle’s home address & place of employment
  • Third party insurance detail at the time of the accident


Upon request & at additional cost we also assist in the following:


  • Full financial investigation including attachable assets, moveable assets, credit record, close corporations/ PTY (LTD) registered to the TP, income & daily expenses of TP
  • Offers made by the TP to our agent RE: reimbursement of our client
  • The obtaining of witness statements or any other statements
  • The obtaining of a copy of the Accident Report (AR) – Country wide
  • CCTV footage if available

Any other form of evidence

Fees – to be agreed with the Insurer