Investigation & Verification of Insurance claims

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Cell:      082 578 6525 / 082880 9577

Future Development & Growth

Plans are in place to continuously evaluate our service in the areas we service in order to maintain our high quality of service and expertise.

Future development as follows:

  • Analysis and Assessment of a Job (Job Specific Competency) – Insurance Training Academy
  • Development of healthcare Training Material
  • Assessment and Quantification of Motor claims
  • Conducting “close file audits” & WIP (Work-in-Progress) on specifically Motor vehicles repaired by the Auto Body Repairers (ABR’s) as we had extensive exposure to this type of Audits whilst employed by Mutual and Federal Insurance. Certain level of skill and knowledge are required to conduct same
  • Inspection of third party vehicle(s) – to confirm the extend of the damages in comparison with the claim – cost carried by the Insurer – we will use an expert (investigator/motor engineer/specialist) and the Short-term Ombudsman (OSTI) will accept the expert report and evidence
  • Audit on behalf of the Insured (Motor) – Own damage claims – conducting an audit and inspection of the repaired insured vehicle to confirm the vehicle has been repaired in accordance of the approved Audatex and/or all the parts have been fitted and/or paint work to standard – cost carried by the Insured - we will use an expert (investigator/motor engineer with required qualification) and the Short-term Ombudsman (OSTI) will accept the expert report and evidence
  • Occupational Health and Safety audits
  • Stolen vehicle Fleet Management - Service to assist Insurers, smaller insurance administrators/brokers to “note their interest with SA Police Service” in stolen/hijacking of vehicle claims in order to increase potential recoveries
  • Upliftment of stolen/hijacked vehicles from SA Police Pounds